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Places to Ride

One of the best things about the Rally is that it's close to so many great motorcycle roads. Whether you like curvy and challenging motorcycle roads or scenic roads that follow a meandering river or roads that offer views from mountain tops, you'll find these scenic roads in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.

Ride to Mt. Magazine

​This ride goes across the highest peak in the state of Arkansas. We highly recommend you take Hwy 71 South to Arkansas Hwy 10 Eastbound through Greenwood until you get to Hwy. 10 which takes you up Mt. Magazine where the State Park Lodge is  – a must stop for incredible photos. Take Hwy 309 and go Northbound until you get to the bottom of the mountain and take Hwy 22 westbound which will take you right back to the Steel Horse Rally in downtown Fort Smith

The Thunder Loop

There are two ways to get to this signature ride, either eastbound on I-40 or eastbound on Hwy. 64, and turn north onto the world-famous Pig Trail (Scenic Hwy 23). Turn right onto Hwy 215 where you will enjoy some of the most majestic cliffs, while skirting the Mulberry River. When you hit Hwy 103, we suggest you head North to the Oark General Store, the oldest store in operation in the state, then go south on Hwy 103 and hit Interstate 40 and head back to the Steel Horse Rally in Fort Smith, AR.

The Rudy GP

​If you are looking for a short, invigorating ride, we highly recommend the Rudy GP. Head north on Hwy. 59 out of Van Buren, and turn East on Hwy 248. Turn South on Hwy 60 to Hwy 282 until it rejoins Hwy. 59. This short ride will allow you to enjoy some of the twisties and still be back in time for all of the events during the Steel Horse Rally in Fort Smith, AR.

The Pig Trail (Scenic Hwy. 23)

​The Pig Trail (Scenic Hwy 23) is a must-ride for those visiting from out of state. This challenging road offers lots of twisties and hairpin turns. Please ride safely! To get to the Pig Trail take Hwy 64 or Interstate 40 Eastbound to Hwy. 23 North (Ozark Exit). When you reach Hwy 16, you can double back and do the road again, or come back on Hwy 14 to Hwy 71 and take I-49 to Interstate 40 back to the Steel Horse Rally in Fort Smith, AR.